Front Pot Rail/ Hanger

by Texas Lightsmith®

copper kitchen pot rail - hanger

Description: These copper and brass potrails or implement hangers are mounted to the border section of a range hood on the front, sides, or all four on an island range hood (the choice is yours). Brass elbow joints and copper rails are finished to match your Texas Lightsmith range hood.


Finish Options for this Fixture:

Standard Finishes

Natural Copper Medium Brass
Burnished Copper Dark Brass
Medium Copper Galvanized Steel
Dark Copper Burnished Pewter
Burnished Brass Dark Pewter

Premium Finishes

Verdigris Copper Venetian Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Note: Patinas may vary slightly from samples. We seal all type A and B finishes with lacquer. Please specify if a fixture will be for an exterior application so that we can apply a highly UV resistant lacquer to ensure a greater longevity of the finish. Please note that when totally exposed to the elements, even the UV resistant lacquer will begin to break down after a minimum of five years (with constant exposure) and the base metal will begin a natural patination process.