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Single Basin Smooth Apron Farmhouse Sink in Medium Copper

Each one of our handmade farmhouse sinks are made to order here in Austin, Texas. The apron is aged and protected to retain the chosen finish, and the basin is allowed to age gracefully in its natural state in what is referred to as a living finish.

About the Living Finish

Our sink basins are not sealed. You can expect that the finish will change over time and with use. Large scale sink manufacturers that work in copper alloys often use coatings that protect the metal surface from environmental factors preventing the patina or oxidation of the finish.

However, any coatings (metal lacquers, PVD, powder coating and others) applied to a high-use surface like a sink basin or counter top will eventually wear out in a few years. Coatings tend to wear out unevenly, especially near wear the water runs. PVD & powder coating will start to separate from the sink in a large sheet. In addition, they are more difficult to apply to a larger surface area such as that of a sink and require a mass production manufacturing process. We don’t do this with our sinks.

Double Basin Smooth Apron Farmhouse Sink in Burnished Brass

Double Basin Smooth Apron Farmhouse Sink in Burnished Brass

Our copper alloy sinks are sold with basins unsealed, resulting in what is called a “living finish,” and with a “burnished” finish, this is without any applied patina. Patina, oxidation, tarnish or water marks can be removed with brass cleaner; we use Barkeeper’s Friend and a scouring pad to remove tarnish and patina, and take the burnished brass metal to a bare surface. However with a darker finish there would be an applied patina that would mimic the darkening that you get on copper alloys over time. That patina will wear off and change over time, and the end user can only scrub the remaining finish down to the bare metal and let the basin age and react to its environment.

Single Basin, Burnished Copper; Hard Distressed Apron Medium Copper 013017AD001

T33 Farmhouse Sink 

  • Material: Copper
  • Finish: Burnished and Medium Copper
  • Basin: *Living Finish; smooth; single basin; Burnished Copper
  • Apron Style: Hard Distressed – Medium Copper

Custom Sink Grate

  • to fit above sink
  • Material: Copper w / rubber non-skid feet
  • Finish: Burnished Copper

Above: Texas Lightsmith Dark Brass Kitchen sink Living Finish possibilities. Right: Texas Lightsmith Oil Rubbed Bronze Bar Sink Living Finish possibilities. Right Lower: Texas Lightsmith Hammered Medium Nickel Silver Kitchen Sink Living Finish possibilities.

Living Finish cannot be predicted since there are so many environmental factors specific to your home and chemicals that may be exposed to the surface of your sink are the great unknown. Every finish application and environment is different. Some factors include but are certainly not limited to;

  • Humidity
  • Airborne salinity
  • Pollutants
  • Oxygen content
  • Foods
  • Cleaning products and various chemicals
  • Water hardness

Click for more information on Living Finish and Sink Care.

Smooth apron

T33 Farmhouse Sink with Smooth Apron in Medium Copper.

Custom Border Sink

Soft distressed and riveted border complements the copper range hood.

Sag Harbor

Custom T33 farmhouse apron sink in Burnished Nickel Silver, shown in a home in Sag Harbor.

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Your Sink is Made to Order

Standard dimensions shown in the spec drawing below.


Spec drawing for our apron sink in standard dimensions.

Do you need a custom size?

Special Project: Custom Corner Apron Sink

Restaurant Sink: Corner Apron

Apron Sink for corner application.
Finish: Burnished Brass


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