Luminescent Sinks

*US Patent # 8096678

The Luminescent Series™ Farmhouse Sink…

Have you ever wanted to change the mood of your kitchen sink? Now you can!
Order a custom apron sink design or choose from several of our designs shown below.
You can easily interchange the art glass panels to suit your mood. Add a new splash of color to your space, and get festive with our Holiday Edition set!

Illuminated Art Glass Apron Sink

Redefining the world of the farmhouse sink, The Texas Lightsmith® Farmhouse Sink Luminescent Series™ features a modern back lit illuminated art glass apron with easy-to-change glass panels for continued versatility.

Practical Design

Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, the illuminated glass apron uses long-life bulbs estimated to last 30,000 hours, saving your energy budget while maintaining a small carbon footprint.

Deco Fan Luminescent Apron Sink

Illuminated fused glass nickel silver farmhouse sink apron. Deco inspired back-lit glass insert, handcrafted at our studio in Austin, Texas.

Farfalla Luminescent Apron Sink

A farmhouse sink rooted in a simple mosaic pattern, this duotone fused glass apron front insert adds geometrical style to the kitchen.

Lost Maples Luminescent Apron Sink

This farmhouse sink features an illuminated apron front fused from individually hand-cut glass pieces, this insert is a charming fusion of autumn hues.

Quatrefoils Luminescent Apron Sink

Add a touch of history to your kitchen with this traditional four-leaf pattern farmhouse sink often seen in Gothic and Spanish architecture.


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