The Luminescent Series™ Apron Sinks
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The Luminescent Series™ Farmhouse Sink…Have you ever wanted to change the mood of your kitchen sink? Now you can!
Order a custom apron sink design or choose from several of our designs shown below.
You can easily interchange the art glass panels to suit your mood. Add a new splash of color to your space, and get festive with our Holiday Edition set!

Illuminated Art Glass Apron Sink

Redefining the world of the farmhouse sink, The Texas Lightsmith® Farmhouse Sink Luminescent Series™ features a modern back lit illuminated art glass apron with easy-to-change glass panels for continued versatility.

Practical Design

Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, the illuminated glass apron uses long-life bulbs estimated to last 30,000 hours, saving your energy budget while maintaining a small carbon footprint.

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