Range Hood Crowns

Crown #1

This is our standard crown; smooth with double bullnose edges.

Crown #2

An elegant crown featuring a bell curve; also shown here with chamfered corners.

Crown #3

2 step and s-curve custom crown

Crown #4

This custom range hood crown matches our border #7, which is smooth

Crown #5

This crown features 2 large angles with a small s curve near the body of the hood.

Crown #6

A simple yet bold range hood crown is shown here in hammered copper with a single bullnose.

Crown #7

A simple hammered square trim style crown, but shown with a small chamfered corner.

Crown #8

Smooth or hammered, this simple crown is a striking accent.

Crown #9

A smooth band with square extruded trim and decorative round head rivets.

Crown #10

A simple angle is just the right touch to accent the top of the range hood and give a purposeful joining to the ceiling.

Crown #11

A faceted dome is shown here in brass atop a rectangular flue decorated with repoussé and 2 step square trim.

Crown #12

A simple bullnose adds a subtle trim, shown in nickel silver.

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