Double Basin Copper Sink with Smooth Apron Front

Classic Line Sinks

by Texas Lightsmith

double sink smooth apron
This double basin copper sink is finished in a custom mottled copper and was paired with our range hood #6, style A and featured in Coastal Living Magazine thanks to the designers at Urban Grace Interiors!
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Finish Options for Kitchen:

*Our sink aprons have a protective sealer
while all sink basins have a Living Finish.

please read: The Living Finish Explained

Burnished Bronze
Medium (weathered) Bronze
Medium Copper Dark Bronze
Dark Copper Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Verdigris Copper Burnished Nickel Silver
Burnished Brass Medium Nickel Silver
Medium Brass Dark (antique) Nickel Silver
Dark Brass Stainless Steel

Note: Patinas may vary slightly from samples. We seal all type A and B finishes with lacquer. Please specify if a fixture will be for an exterior application so that we can apply a highly UV resistant lacquer to ensure a greater longevity of the finish. Please note that when totally exposed to the elements, even the UV resistant lacquer will begin to break down after a minimum of five years (with constant exposure) and the base metal will begin a natural patination process.