Private Residence 30

“It is perfect and such a nice statement with the brick and white and German glass cabinets. Great statement to the farmhouse kitchen!

Regards and thanks,


Homeowner, Texas"

Custom Range Hood 4A V5

Application: Wall Mount
Dimensions: 36” W x 30” H x 24” D
Material: Copper
Finish: Dark Copper
Body: Smooth
Border: #7 bullnose at top and square channel below smooth recess

Liner / mechanicals:

  • 2 recessed MR16 halogen lights on dimmer w/ borosilicate glass covers and metal bezels
  • stainless steel baffle filter
  • standard wall interior

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A custom range hood, built to order. Available in all standard materials and finishes. Customization of size, shape, finish, material, or design in general is possible as we make each product to order.


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