Range Hood 47 – Luminescent™

Range Hood 47

Material: Copper
Finish: Medium Copper
Body Texture: Smooth
Border: Luminescent Series™ border
Description: Luminescent Series™ border with custom fused glass in a colorful argyle pattern framed with copper bullnoses and custom repoussé sections.

Range Hood 47 Luminescent Border Detail
Illuminated Glass Panels

Featuring illuminated glass panels on the crown or border, The Texas Lightsmith® Range Hood Luminescent Line™ offers versatility yet to be achieved in range hoods. With an ever-growing selection of glass panels and the option to design your own unique piece, this premier vent hood will accommodate any kitchen decor. *Patented 2012.

Variable Speed Fan

Most vent hoods are fitted with Fantech Series fans or Best by Broan EB Series fans. These fans are 100% speed controllable and provide a quieter alternative to axial arrangements. A wide range of CFM options are available.

Dimmable Halogen Lights

Each 50 watt MR-16 lamp is enclosed in an optimally designed recess with borosilicate glass covers. This functional design keeps each lamp out of the grease flow allowing for easier maintenance.

The Texas Lightsmith® Premier Baffle Filter

Sturdy filters are essential to the overall functionality of a vent hood. In designing and fabricating The Texas Lightsmith® Premier Baffle Filter, we are able to ensure quality in both form and function.


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