2018 Southern Living Idea House | Austin, Texas

The cat is finally out of the bag! We can finally talk about our long awaited reveal. Southern Living Idea House 2018 has hit the stands. It was a pleasure working with Meredith Ellis Design & David Wilkes Builders again on this fabulous transformation. The 2018 Southern Living Idea House in Austin is by far the best we have seen from Southern Living. This year the Austin Idea House featured our Range Hood # 7-46 in stainless steel with a Non-Directional Burnished Stainless steel finish. Body details include “Steamer Trunk” strapping with “Arrow Head” ends and decorative rivets paired with our boarder #22 (details feature stainless steel strapping and decorative rivets).

Photo Credit: Southern Living Magazine & Meredith Ellis Design

Collaboration: Bradshaw Designs

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

-Vincent Van Gough

Happy May! This month we are spotlighting one of our amazing clients; Bradshaw Designs. At Texas Lightsmith we love the creativity that designers bring to us on their projects. Julie Bradshaw and her team at Bradshaw Designs is always a pleasure working with. Over the years we have had an amazing collaborative relationship and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Back In Brass

Brass Facts

Brass is as relevant today as it was in the latter part of the bronze age when copper and zinc were first alloyed to create the first brass.  Its many inherent properties make it ideal for many uses.

Known for its attractive yellow color, brass has been used for decoration because of its gold-like appearance but it also has uses in industrial, residential, and consumable applications. Brass can be found in zippers, gears, door knobs, sinks, ammunition cartridges, plumbing fixtures, range hoods, electrical components, art, pens, lighting, furniture, hardware, door hinges, pull knobs, thumb tacks, counter tops and countless other places. Brass is a go-to metal for making tools or fittings where it is important that sparks are not to be made due to flammable or explosive environments.  It lends itself to the casting process as well as machining processes and even has bactericidal properties! The copper in brass helps naturally kill bacteria.

Due to its limited oxidation in harsh environments relative to iron and copper, brass has a tradition of use in maritime industries. Before stainless steel was invented in the early 20th century, brass was the primary metal in all things nautical.

Solid Brass Jewelry is known as an “allergy-free or allergy friendly” metal for people who are allergic to the widely used nickel in jewelry. Brass is used in many musical instruments as well such as cymbals,  guitar strings, and the entire brass section of the orchestra.  Like bronze, brass has a rich tonal quality that resonates well.

So brass has its uses for the sheer beauty of it in its various incarnations, but there are often practical and historical considerations at play as well.


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