Chimney Cap 7

Chimney Cap 6

A custom copper chimney cover with attractive standing seams on its roof. Copper mesh, internal steel frame.

Material: Copper, steel frame
Finish: Burnished – Unsealed
Copper Mesh
Standing seam roof
Steel frame with anchor points for attachment

Chimney Cap 6
Chimney Cap 6

Chimney Caps: What’s that all about?

Chimney caps are a great way to dress up a home.  While chimney caps serve a necessary function by protecting the open flue of a chimney from the elements and critters while and acting as a spark arrestor, they can also have an impressive impact on the overall appearance of a home as an architectural detail.

Texas Lightsmith manufactures chimney caps from copper,  brass, bronze, nickel silver, mild steel and stainless steel.  We tend to use thicker material and a heavy woven mesh with fully welded construction for a product that will last for many years as it graces the roof line.  As we make all products to order, customization of size, shape, and design are all possibilities.

Here are some examples:

Chimney Cap 1

Custom Chimney Cap 1

Description: hammered / formed copper; hand driven rivets

Chimney Cap 2

Custom Chimney Cap 2

Description: forged copper; hammered copper onlay.

Chimney Cap 4

Copper chimney cap 4

Description: A simple chimney cap or fireplace flue shown above in a natural unsealed copper that will develop its own patina over time with exposure to the elements.

Chimney Cap 5

hammered copper chimney cap

Description: This chimney cap referred to as a bishop’s cap is constructed in hammered copper with architectural copper wire mesh screens. This piece is sealed to preserve the medium copper finish color.

smooth burnished copper chimney cap

Description: This version of our Chimney Cap #5 is done in smooth Burnished Copper.

Description: This version of our Chimney Cap #5 is done in smooth Dark Copper.

smooth dark copper chimney cap

Chimney Cap 6

Custom chimney cap 6

Description: Cupola design in Randomly Brushed Stainless Steel. Approx 3′ high 2′ wide


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