Chimney Cap 1

Custom Chimney Cap 1

Description: hammered / formed copper; hand driven rivets

Chimney Cap 2

Custom Chimney Cap 2

Description: forged copper; hammered copper onlay.

Chimney Cap 4

Copper chimney cap 4

Description: A simple chimney cap or fireplace flue shown above in a natural unsealed copper that will develop its own patina over time with exposure to the elements.

Chimney Cap 5

hammered copper chimney cap

Description: This chimney cap referred to as a bishop’s cap is constructed in hammered copper with architectural copper wire mesh screens. This piece is sealed to preserve the medium copper finish color.

Chimney Cap 6

Custom chimney cap 6

Description: Cupola design in Randomly Brushed Stainless Steel. Approx 3′ high 2′ wide

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