This month’s blog topic is the on the art of Repoussé.

Repoussé is an ancient skill used in metal craft to create beautiful images in malleable metals. The term Repoussé is derived from the French word pousser, “to push forward.”  The techniques of Repoussé are found worldwide from ancient times, such as the gold mummy mask of Tutankhamun,  to today, as demonstrated in the Statue of Liberty.

The repoussé design is created by raising the image from the back using special hammers and chasing fine details from the front.    Bas-relief (low relief) repoussé is often confused with a mass production process of “rolling” or “stamping” designs into metal with special forming machines. This kind of imprinting a design into metal does not typically result in the fine detail associated with genuine repoussé, and doesn’t allow for cost-effective intricate one-off custom designs.

Texas Lightsmith artisans are skilled in this venerable process to create unique one of a kind functional art products. Watch the video for inspiration on how to incorporate repoussé into your Texas Lightsmith project.

Range Hood 57

Range Hood #57, A

Material: Brass
Finish: Medium Brass
Body: Smooth; straight front and sides; radius on vertical corners
Border: Integrated border
This modern brass range hood, based on a design submitted by the client, features a custom liner/insert in medium brass with standard wall, 2 halogen lights and commercial-grade stainless steel baffle filter. Island mount or wall mount hood available; Customization of size, material, finish, and design in general is possible.

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Customization of size, material, finish, and design in general is possible! Get a custom quote today!

Range Hood 46

Range Hood 46A

Range Hood 46A

Range Hood 46A

Material: Copper

Finish: Custom Mottled Copper

Body Texture: Smooth

Body Detail: inset seams

Border: Integrated border

Description: A bold contemporary design for a range hood, this monolithic copper range hood stands 72″ tall and 48″ wide. Finished in custom Mottled Copper with tones from burnished to medium copper.

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Range Hood 14

Range Hood 14A

Range Hood 14A

Material: Copper
Finish: Medium Copper; Burnished Brass trim
Body: Smooth
Border: hammered with riveted brass trim

Description: Shown here in Medium Copper, this range hood features a hammered border with riveted brass trim.

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